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REVIEW: Linkletter: Sherman Drive

December 9, 2012

Uncle Critic tells it like it is on Linkletter’s Sherman Drive EP….Bravo!

Uncle Critic

linkletter sherman drLinkletter use to be known as Kids Say The Darndest Things, I’m not real sure why they changed their name but it clearly didn’t make the band’s quality suffer. The first song on here ‘Fanclub’ straight up rules. A song that brings to mind 90’s punk bands like Samiam, it’s so fucking good. ‘Winter Break’ I don’t feel as great about, it starts out pretty good but some ska elements seem to seep into it and I’m not down with that, if you can ignore that stuff though it’s a real good song, I mean it’s not like it’s a total ska song. ‘Overkill’ isn’t Motorhead cover, it is however the best song on the EP. The vocals remind me of Dave Smalley back when he was in ALL. Did I say ‘Overkill’ was the best song? I meant to say ‘Be Human (Friedrich’s Qualm)’ because this song is the…

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